Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RFL - New Babbage

New Babbage had a magnificent RFL build. The number of people involved are too many for one Journalist to remember, so look here and here for credits and thank-yous. Miss Breezy Carver, Miss Kandace Commons, Dr. Obolensky, Mr. Edward Pearse, and Mr. Greg Merryman all had a hand in creating the build, and my apologies to everyone I omitted. Below, an overview, with the Sphere d'Unite on the left, the airship tower center, and Ferris Wheel right.

The entrance:

The base of the Ferris Wheel, with its steel-and-rivets texture:

The Petit Palais:

Inside, some whimsical sights and RFL vendors:

Oooh, injury or death. What's life without risk?

An, um, interesting balloon:

The next building is the Gallerie de Machines. (Since when did Babbage go French?) Several shots below of the interior:

A Steampunk duck factory? Say what?

The exterior:

The Grand Palais:

Dr. Obolensky's airship and mooring tower:

The back side of the Sphere d' Unite. Everywhere, attention to detail.

An excellent build, displaying Babbage's Steampunk theme and engineering focus. And did I mention Mars? Perhaps next time...

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