Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RFL - Mars and Steelhead

Not content with a single build, the indefatigable engineers in Babbage constructed Martian Dreams, a Steampunk trip to the Red Planet.

Chaired by Miss Breezy Carver and designed by M. Reitsuki Kojima and others, this depicts a future Babbage base on Mars. (That Clockwinder chap is certainly an expansionist sort. Manifest destiny, indeed! Perhaps Dr. Obolensky had the right idea after all.)

Mars is an inhospitable place, as illustrated by the rugged terrain outside. Below, a rocket waits on a launch gantry. Elsewhere, an enormous drilling machine - steam-powered, of course - works its way into a mine. Writings on a Stonehenge-like structure suggest the presence of life on Mars - answering David Bowie's question - at least some time in the past.

Inside the protective dome, the colonists live and work and play.

No doubt they think fondly of New Babbage on Earth.

Going in a different direction, the Steelhead Salmons chose as a theme for their RFL build something closer to Earth. Mr. Eclipse evoked the Pacific Northwest by modelling the area after Crescent Lake, Oregon.

The tall trees, snow-capped mountains, and a cool lake in the middle were a welcome sight on a hot summer day at Chez Jameson.

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