Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Death and Life of Armada Breakaway

We have written about Armada Breakaway before, and I had already decided that it was time to pay another visit to the flotilla when the news came that Armada was for sale. Almost as quickly, the near-death experience was over when Mr. Remington Thursday and Miss Violet Macmoragh purchased the sim. Bravo (and brava, just to keep things more or less grammatical)!

My visit started with an underwater approach, as the experience of others showed the dangers of riding in target-high, so to speak.

Fortunately, no mer-people were in sight.

The great flotilla was firmly anchored to the seabed.

Having made it this far, it was time for some aerial surveillance. The submarine surfaced briefly to release this small, improbable-looking vehicle.

I was rapidly airborne, and was able to observe the large number of airships moored over the surface ships. It was clear that this was the principal source of Armada's defenses.

Returning to the ground, I climbed aboard. At times, it was hard to tell I was not on solid land.

The city was deserted - or at least seemed that way. Had I caught them in a moment of crisis? Perhaps the citizens were in a secret location, plotting away.

Surveillance done, photographic plates in hand, my mission was over, and I quietly returned to the submarine, where we moved through the water and back to Caledon.

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