Monday, July 6, 2009

I Suppose Not Everyone in Caledon can be Nice

A very out-of-character post here, and I will be blunt: Caledon has at least one genuine, certifiable jerk. Someone named Catan Shamrock, born 6/14/2009. Sure, maybe he's an alt, but I'd like to think anyone who has been in Caledon for substantially more than two weeks would have some good manners rub off on him.

I explore, right? I wander from place to place, seeing fabulous builds, neat exhibits, cool ways to be entertained, that sort of thing. And I take pictures, add a little text, and post it on this blog, to entertain myself and, I hope, entertain others. I spent part of this afternoon and evening wandering through Wellsian, in and about Miss Aevalle Galicia's builds. As Miss Galicia owns a good chunk of Wellsian, and builds both vertically and horizontally, this took some time.

At the edge of Wellsian, where it abuts Morgaine, I attempted to pass to the next piece of land, only to find I was blocked. Further investigation showed I was banned - specifically, from a property owned by a Catan Shamrock. Mr. Catan Shamrock then appeared, asking if he could help me. I inquired politely what I might have done to earn a ban from his property.

He responded by erecting first one, and then several, large "Private Residence" plaques, as shown in the picture above. This seemed like an incomplete answer - I certainly had not gone inside his residence - indeed, I had never set foot on his property, because he banned me before I got there!

[16:30] Kathy Jameson: I was exploring this area of Wellsian/Morgaine.
[16:30] Kathy Jameson: I came across your property.
[16:31] Kathy Jameson: May I inquire what I did to be banned from it?
[16:33] Catan Shamrock: Get? Got It? Good? now stop creeping around the neighborhood like a suspect
[16:34] Kathy Jameson: My dear sir, I apologize if you think I am creeping about the neighborhood.
[16:34] Kathy Jameson: But don't you think this is taking it a bit far?
[16:34] Kathy Jameson: People have builds that they would like others to explore, no?
[16:35] Kathy Jameson sighs and thinks life is too short for this.

So I left. But I'm bothered by the idea that simply looking at other people's property - property that has signs inviting public inspection - means that I'm "creeping around the neighborhood."

Mr. Shamrock seems affiliated with the Caledon Catgirl Brigade (this is possibly what got his knickers in a wad, as I was exploring the CCB builds earlier in the day - what, it's now secret?). Frankly, I'm surprised that that organization would have this man in their midst.



Hotspur O'Toole said...

Sounds a tad extreme on such a short notice.

Sophia said...

Oh my... I hope this is only an issue of culture shock, but as I'm a neighbor to the person in question, I might drop in with a wecome gift and a few friendly tips on Caledon ettiquette. As someone who locks her own doors I understand a desire for privacy, but hopefully he will be amenable to compromise. Hope springs eternal!

Kathy Jameson said...

Indeed, Mr. O'Toole.

I wish you luck, Miss Untermeyer. Locking doors is one thing - Chez Jameson does not have them, but I must admit that having strangers walk in while one is in contemplation (also known as: the typist is working on something else) is a little disconcerting - but these extreme measures are best left to the Mainland.

Fogwoman Gray said...

I recognize the name from the Dorms. Mr Catan needs a sharpish tutoring in the covenant. This is easily enough arranged. Methinks the rectum directive would be a good inclusion in our guiding document :)

Sophia said...

I popped over a few moments ago when i logged in, flew over without being banned (the signs had been replaced by a nice boat dock, and as he was engaged in building i didn't want to land and interrupt his work) and offered him a friendly Morgaine greeting via IM. He replied back very politely, and i mentioned to him to feel free to wander around others' grounds "for building ideas", and assumed he would take the hint that this custom goes both ways. :-) we will see if my honey catches this fly, though it sounds like he may have already been dosed with Dean Grey's equally effective Vinegar. :-)

Mako Magellan said...

I seem to remember the same gentleman uttered a voiceless labiodental fricative with procreative semantics in ISC chat the other day, but it was apparently accidental :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Gray and Miss Untermeyer, for your efforts - honey and vinegar may be a surprisingly tasty meal. I visited Morgaine yesterday and saw the man engaged in building his dock. I considered a polite exchange of ideas, but saw no good ending to the conversation and departed silently.

Mr. Magellan, one is left to wonder how such an outburst could be accidental (Tourette's, perhaps?), but I will follow your lead and give the benefit of the doubt. (And you just taught me a new phrase. It's not that I lead a sheltered life but, rather, one spent around less literate people.)