Monday, January 11, 2010

Alpine Meadow

My trip through the CDS continued in Alpine Meadow. Below is the AMUA Theater, called the Old Bowl. Though the site appears to date from Roman times, the theater is equipped with thoroughly modern lighting, as one can see by the stage.

Alpine Meadow lies below Neufreistadt: one can see the castle walls looking over the row of houses. This area seemed to be under development, and designed for mixed use. Some of the buildings appeared to be shops while others appeared to be private residences.

The terrain continues downhill. Below, a shot overlooking the town (and, beyond, the land of Colonia Nova).

Other than the theater and the tavern (two photographs below), most of the buildings appeared to be private residences, all of which have steeply-sloped roofs to prevent weighty snow from accumulating to excess.

Below is the Mexana Monica tavern, which would seem to be a logical gathering place for residents. The tavern was not open when I passed by - no opportunity for a bracing schnapps, sadly - but signs noted that it sometimes featured live entertainment.

I had planned to continue to the river and across, into the old Roman town of Colonia Nova. However, to the west I spied an old monastery, and set out to explore it next.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

In the third picture down (the townscape) I love the curve of the roads and the different angles of the houses - it makes the place look more organic than the cookie-cuuter affairs you see too much of in SL. The map of New Babbage had the same effect on me - really brought the place alive.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Indeed, suburbia it's not! Still, the sim feels very empty. Empty space is good in a way - no point in cramming in prims until no one can move - but it's a tad odd to me.

You bring up New Babbage, and that's a great example of the organic-looking city. Even though I'm always hopelessly lost there, and I get a little claustrophobic, I appreciate the tall buildings and narrow streets, just the way one sees them in the older parts of old cities. (And yes, that's a great map.)