Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strolling Through Eyre

After my visit to Perenelle, I returned to the Caledon mainland in Eyre. Although I had intended to head home directly, I noticed that Eyre seemed...different. As I stood by Miss Terry Lightfoot's To-a-T shop, I realized that, beyond the shops near the telehub, almost nothing I could see was familiar. Naturally, I decided that a stroll down the main street of Eyre was in order.

Moving east from the telehub, on the right was a new park, glittering in the falling snow. (As the skies above were clear, as one can see from the photograph, this was obviously a very localized weather phenomenon. Caledon is rife with them.)

Across the street, next to To-a-T, stood Bad Kitty, the shop of my erstwhile neighbor, Miss 3Ring Binder.

Miss Binder also owns the shop next door, the Furniture Dock. Those items not on the literal dock in the rear are in the charming gingerbread house one sees below.

Next to the Furniture Dock, Miss 713 Ayres (Amy Weber) has a gallery of her art and some miscellaneous objects for sale.

Across the way, Mr. Umbra Lunardi owns what appears to be a manor long in disuse. (How this can happen when the manor appeared only recently is unclear, but this phenomenon, like that of extremely localized weather, is also common in Caledon. I appeal to the generic "rift in the space-time continuum" for an explanation, and dare anyone to contradict me.)

Next to Miss Ayres is the Bluebells Garden Centre and, next to it, Acronym Park, which abuts the Regency border. Sited opposite the Garden Centre is the Bluebells Art Studio. Time constraints prevented my touring the studio, so I cannot report on the type of art lying therein.

Atop the mountain ridge in Eyre, Miss Kimika Ying has sited a small house, while below the ridge, near the Tanglewood border, is Miss Gloriana Maertens' property, complete with a gypsy caravan. Although Sir Amplebeaks Tinlegs is not new to the property pictured below, the gentleman has a new house on the site.

Fortunately, not everything had changed. The aforementioned To-a-T was still anchoring the area near the telehub, still perpendicular to Miss Virrginia Tombola's Le Cheval Verite. Caliber remains, as does Kleineschwein by Seisenbacher, pictured below.

Thank goodness for some continuity! Thoroughly exhausted, I returned to the Downs for a restorative brandy, and to scribble this Journal entry into this Aetheric notebook.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

It's funny when a sim changes - I always feel a sense of loss before I feel the wonder & excitment of new things. But I'm a Cancerian and we are supposed to live largely in the past, aren't we :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I agree, there's both loss for what was and excitement for what is and will be. I console myself with the thought that most of the people who have moved on have done so because they feel themselves better off that way.