Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steampunk Exhibition - "Steaming Hot!"

Sunday was the opening of "Steaming Hot!", an exhibition of Steampunk-themed artwork. Though I missed thke opening itself, I thought I would see what the exhibition had to offer.

The artwork encompasses a wide range of styles, but most of it is quite whimsical. Below, a "green energy" generator.

Some have functions that are obvious or well-labeled. Others...are left to the viewer's imagination.

This heart tree is interactive: touch it and hearts fall off!

This poor bicyclist can do nothing but run in circles.

This piece is entitled "Luddite's Time Machine.." I'm still pondering that one.

This is the Steampunk Internet. Again, I'll ponder that.

My, he looks oddly familiar. :)

These are only a sampling of the pieces spread across the island. I don't know when the exhibit closes, so get this Steampunk art while it's hot!

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