Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Year's Worth of Holidays are Over...

...and another year has begun. Time to get back to the Steamlands and see what changes the new year has wrought. A rumor reached my ears that Caledon Perenelle has changed hands (again), and that Steelhead St Helens continues to develop. No doubt other developments are underway - including whatever is happening in the Crown colony of Blue Mars Caledonia.

I shall make a valiant effort to rouse myself from the stupor caused by an excess of figgy pudding - or possibly hot toddies - and begin again to visit and explore this life of ours.

Just so this post isn't entirely content-free, I note with some amusement that the television series NCIS: Los Angeles had an episode (date unknown; it was captured to my recording device at some point, and viewed only as an act of desperation last night, following the depletion of all the other shows on the DVR and the viewing of Angels and Demons from Netflix) in which two series characters went to an LA bar called "Steampunk." Sure enough, patrons were dressed in standard steampunk gear - generally leather helmets and goggles - but the music was...goth? Hard to tell, but steampunk it was not. Even so, is this a sign that the term is going mainstream?


Fogwoman Gray said...

Upcoming Holidays of note:
Caledon's 4th Anniversary
Steam SkyCity's 3rd Anniversary

what? oh.
Well they are darn sure celebrated at my house!

Rhianon Jameson said...

I'll drink to both of those! Now to see if my boss will give me those days off...

The Guv is so darn modest that I never know when Caledon's anniversary is. (I suppose I could look it up on the Aetherwebs, but that would be cheating.) Let us hope that the Mistress of SSC (ahem) is a little more forthcoming in sharing the date of that anniversary. :)