Friday, January 29, 2010

Attack on Penzance Aerodrome

Captain Zoe Connolly of the Royal Caledon Air Force reported an attack on the Connolly-Messmer Aerodrome in Penzance. I flew to the scene as soon as I could upon hearing of the dastardly deed.

When I arrived, the airfield and its principal building were still ablaze. There was no sign of Captain Connolly. Two other aircraft were in the area, with markings I did not recognize, so I made lazy circles over the airfield while taking several photographs of the destruction. Were these other craft friend or foe?

A little later, they made radio contact. The pilots of the craft were Captains Wrath Constantine, Lord Middlesea, and Rachire Andel. I took my finger off the button that engages the Vickers machine guns on the Steamray and took a deep breath of relief.

As Captains Constantine and Andel appeared to have the situation at the aerodrome under control - or as much under control as a raging fire could be said to be - I dipped my wings in their direction and flew off, keeping an eye out for any member of the RCAF.

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