Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Cruise on the SS Galaxy

I had heard the SS Galaxy set sail for the Blake Sea. It had been a long time since I had last visited, so I thought I'd see what had changed. Rather than purchase another ticket, I decided to fly in on my own and save a few dollars.

I set forth from Gulliver Airport in the Steamray. Despite the airport reconstruction (and some really horrible sim crossings!), I made good time and was soon in sight of the massive ocean liner.

Below, the Steamray is not much larger than a speck on the side of a section of the liner. The entire ship encompasses three sims.

I flew to the front of the ship, to one of its forward helipads, and executed a perfect landing under tricky circumstances, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, it turned out that one of the disadvantages of sneaking aboard a cruise ship via one's own airship is that there is no good way inside the ship. Nonetheless, after a little work at scaling exterior walls and a little breaking and entering, I made it to the interior.

One of my favorite spots is the elegant fitness center. Exercise rooms tend not to be terribly nice, but the Galaxy is an exception, from the quasi-Roman pool, to the showers and steam room. Even the treadmills are not too terribly ugly.

After a brief swim (N.B.: the fitness center is clothing-optional. During my visit, two energetic people were having clothing-optional excercise in the steam room. Though the ship does not provide such, um, exercise equipment, the couple clearly brought their own.), I decided I had worked off enough calories to have earned a visit to the nearby Japanese restaurant. Also nearby was a large room that looked almost outdoors in an arbor, and would be quite nice for a wedding.

Below, one of the miles of corridors, with a ballroom to the left and below. The ship contains a large number of cabins that are available for either short- or long-term rental.

Another ballroom. This one, on an upper deck, is both massive and has a great panoramic view. The ship contains a holographic room, other restaurants, several art galleries, and a number of shops - just like other cruise ships I could name!

Speaking of other cruise ships, how does the Galaxy compare to those in that, ah, other life? Not badly, really. Endless miles of corridors on multiple decks? Check. Shopping opportunities, to separate the vactioner from (more of) her money? Check. Many eating opportunities? Check, although one does have to walk a ways from one to the other. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many nooks and larger spaces for entertainment? Check. Ability to land steam-powered airships on deck? Hmm, the Galaxy might one-up its competitors in that dimension. Ports of call? Ah, well, one can't have everything.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I went here when it was being built (or just after it opened) and was impressed - alas no pictures were taken at the time. Has the build moved homes then?

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

p.s. Forgot to say how impressive it is - it is!

Kathy Jameson said...

It is quite impressive, isn't it?

My understanding is that the build has moved several times...I was to an earlier incarnation, in a different location. The ship itself seems to have remained fairly constant. Just the view changes. :)