Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Trip on the Caledonian Ferry Line

Having read of the new Caledon ferry service, from Kittiwickshire to Cape Wrath, I decided that some bracing sea air was in order. I had no particular place to go. Instead, I took the ferry the length of its route.

I had just missed the previous ferry, so I waited for the next one. (Though the card from Guvnah Shang says they run every 15 minutes, the truth is that they seem to run every 30. One departed Kittiwickshire at ten of the hour, and the next arrived at twenty past.) The ship, the S.S. Deckard, was small but looked seaworthy. I hoped the seas would not be rough, however. I climbed aboard. For the first leg, I was joined by Mr. Philipp Oldrich.

The first stop was in Caledon Sound (not pictured), where we sliced through the ice that coated the Sound. From there, we journeyed to Port Caledon...

...and through the Firth to Caledon-on-Sea.

After a brief stop in Morgaine...

...the final destination was Cape Wrath. After providing some notice, the brave boat self-destructed.

The entire trip was about a half-hour, and quite scenic. Mr. Dominic Webb, proprietor of the Caledon Ferry Line and developer of the ferry and its route, should be commended for providing another means to travel about our fair land. I might suggest that Mr. Webb reprogram the ship to save itself at Cape Wrath, thereby making the venture more economical (and, dare I say, profitable? Perhaps not, as the service is free.). Return service to Kittiwickshire may also be useful at some future date.


Mako Magellan said...

A remarkable sense of deja vu pervades :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah well, we aim for originality but usually fall short. :) While I can place assurances on behalf of my sister that this brainstorm occurred to her independently of Miss Woolley's account, I hope Miss Woolley is not the litigious type.

I'll confess that I have never really gotten the hang of Nings, so I visit less often than I should, so I appreciate the link.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

What a wonderful service. I think I'm right in saying that Lunar & Tensai have had plans for airship & boat tours of Steelhead for sometime and those plans may well be actioned soon (now they are a little less busy after bravely, insanely opening 2 sims in a year ;-D)

In fact, I think the steam-junk in Shanghai gives a tour - I must find out!