Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Underwater in the Clarendon

As part of his "Bedlam in Babbage" series, Mr. Edward Pearse was in the Clarendon in New Babbage, spinning tunes related to the water as part of an underwater theme. (Some of the pictures have glitches because the sim was heavily lagged.)

After passing through a series of airlocks, I was on the dance floor, listening to Mr. Pearse's selections. Below, left to right, Miss Gabrielle Riel, moi, Mr. Edward Pearse, Miss Avariel Falcon.

Miss Ilsa Munro ventured out to join us, and wore an amazing mermaid costume:

Deep-sea diving suits were also popular. Below, Miss Ceejay Writer keeps dry in a steampunk diving suit.

Miss Sheryl Skytower and steampunk flying fish:

His DJ-ness, the Duke of Argylle:
He can dance while spinning wax cylinders on the Victrola!

Although I could not stay for the entire party, it was another good time had by all. Bedlam indeed!

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