Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Babbage Intrigue - Shadow of the 13

I can now report on a most perplexing case that had consumed my energies for the past few days. In New Babbage, they call it the affair of the Shadow of the 13, and the mysteries exposed had lain dormant for many years.

The story begins in the old Imperial Theater, which is undergoing renovations. During the process of knocking into an old wall, a body was found.

Additional investigation took me to the Loki Absinthe Distillery, where some skulduggery and my experience with second-story work came in handy. (My fear of heights, not so much.)

Would you really take a candy from an Obolensky automaton dressed as Santa? Really?

The mystery took me throughout Babbage, above and below. In the end, I and others pieced together the story.

Below, a rocket ship crashed into Ruby's Bar. I hope the insurance premium was paid up!

Several OOC notes: I would be doing an injustice to those who wish to play to divulge any more of the plot. Suffice to say that it kept my interest, despite several frustrations. I can't say that I followed the clues in the proper order, as I stumbled across certain things that, in retrospect were not properly the result of earlier clues. I'm not sure that matters, except to the extent that, having missed some intermediate steps, it might be difficult to regain the proper path. In addition, finding myself unable to go on at one point, I found young Miss Myrtil Igaly's Journal. (Beware: spoilers within!) It proved to be informative both in terms of the actual RP that occurred in Babbage and some of the details of the mystery that I would otherwise have missed, as well as providing clues. Miss Igaly by no means provides a step-by-step solution, I hasten to add.

In the end, I think I managed to understand most of what was going on. A detailed knowledge of Babbage - certainly more detailed than I have - would be helpful, though not essential. Patience is a good substitute. Some elements are still a mystery to me...whether because I missed something or because they will be used in future RP I cannot say.

The plot uses Babbage and some of its citizens, especially the urchins, as background, but one can go alone, which solves the pesky problem of most RP, which is how to coordinate far-flung and busy people. All in all, a most enjoyable experience. Good show, Mr. Elliot!


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Cheers for this rhia - I've been meaning to get started on this and you've given me the kick I so obviously need! I think Dr Beck will be going in very soon :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

The good doctor should pack his bags immediately! I'm not much of a PC gamer, but the whole thing had the feel of an older, text-based game, couple with the 3D, interactive nature of Second Life. (Or Myst, without the head-banging-into-wall puzzles.)