Monday, May 16, 2011

Airship Rally Across Caledon

Saturday saw the great Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally, organized by Miss Darlingmonster Ember and Miss Solace Fairlady, and originating and ending in Port Caledon.

Three plucky fliers took part: Mr. Nathaniel Lorefield...
...Miss Jed Dagger...
...and Mr. Lucien Brentano.

The goal was to hit nine marks across Caledon, and to drop a piece of the airship on a target at each location. Points were given for speed and accuracy.

A large, enthusiastic crowd gathered at the starting platform. Lady Gabrielle Riel, the Duchess of Carntaigh, provided excellent commentary throughout the rally, with more than a half-dozen judges providing updates to her as the racers arrived at the checkpoints.
L to R: Captain Wildstar Beaumont, Miss Ember, Miss Callipygian Christensen, Mr. PJ Trenton

Of course, the event was also a fundraiser for RFL. Both the pilot entry fees and spectator contributions went toward Team Caledon's RFL donation.
L to R: Captain Beaumont, Miss Christensen, Mr. Trenton, Mr. Geoffrey Xenobuilder

Mr. Xenobuilder, Miss Solace Fairlady

Lady Gabrielle, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs

Miss Dagger's ship hits the starting target

Miss Fairlady, Miss Christensen, Miss Rowen Derryth

Mrs. Breezy Carver Fabre, channeling her inner Mary Poppins, Steampunk-style

Mr. Lorefield's airship returns to the starting point, a little worse for wear

The race was an exciting one. Mr. Brentano started by dropping himself on the initial target, scoring a direct hit that was perhaps outside the intent of the rules. He later suffered an all-too-familiar mishap at a sim crossing and vanished from the world. He was last seen hurtling off the grid at a high speed. We had a moment of silence for the fallen participant.

Miss Dagger went off with a quick start and at one point caught up to Mr. Lorefield. (The racers had staggered start times.) She had a little bad luck with the targets, dropping parts of her airship with great accuracy, only to have them bounce off the target and land clear.

Mr. Lorefield, the eventual winner, made it through the first seven checkpoints with little difficulty, only to run into a full parcel around checkpoint eight, losing his entire airship back to inventory. (Ah, problems that first life rallies lack!) He eventually made it back to the course and to the finish line.

A great day for flying, as well as for RFL. Well done!


Breezy Carver said...

It really was a wonderful event !!
You did not miss a beat in your reporting Miss Rhianon :) ..
Mary Steamy Poppins Indeed !
twirlsss ..

Rhianon Jameson said...

Indeed! Old friends met, new friends made, aerial derring-do was done, and a few Lindens for RFL were donated.

Miss D Ember said...

It was glorious to see everyone there and my, did those pilots have tenacity!! Such a close finish.
Thank yous all around.