Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At the Movies

Dr. Garth Goode has added a motion picture theater on his lands in Caledon Burroughs. The theater is just past the Museum of Unnatural History. Don't go in if you suffer from arachniphobia.

I enjoyed a glass of Old Guvnah whisky prior to the main feature, and then ordered a bucket of popcorn.
Watching the preparation was a treat by itself: the corn first goes through the shuck-o-lator, then the de-cob-o-tron, and, finally, it is popped in the cornflagration. (What a delightful name!)

The motion picture playing that evening was The Mender of Nets, a melodrama directed by Mr. D. W. Griffith and starring Miss Mary Pickford. Miss Pickford plays the title character, a young lady whose heart is captured by a fisherman. It soon transpires that the fisherman has had a dalliance with another lady, and the two rekindle their romance. Miss Pickford's brother discovers the perfidy and, armed with a pistol, attempts to extract revenge on the false swain.

I found it entertaining to make up my own dialogue during the film, although I am fairly certain that mine would have been censored.

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