Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Empty Stretch of Glengarry

This stretch of Glengarry, by the strait separating Downs and Glengarry from Kintyre, stands nearly empty.

A store called Fauntiques and Bram Designs once stood by the stone building in the foreground, while a 3072 sq. meter parcel owned by Miss Mary Nuyasaka constitutes the remainder of the empty space. (Miss Nuyasaka recently announced her intention to leave Caledon.)

One would think the waterfront property would be inviting to someone - an entrepreneur who could make use of a water landing (or a quick getaway!), or a Captain of Industry who wants a luxurious waterfront home in which to count her ill-gotten gains.

Oddly, ever since I've been in the Downs, those properties have had high turnover. I don't think I'm the reason why, but I shall keep an open mind about the situation.


Anonymous said...

Miss Nuyasaka agrees that this is one of the most inviting areas of all of Caledon. She will return in a few months when she is completely over her heartbreak and can dance in Caledon without angst and sorrow seeing her former lover with another. Caledon Dreams can turn into nightmares if one isn't careful.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Indeed. Well said.