Friday, May 20, 2011

HealthLink New York, the Horseless Carriage, and Me

I found myself in Hudson New York, a quaint and quiet area, when I saw what seemed to be a horseless carriage. It was unlike any I had seen before.

I had always wanted to drive one - I saw others doing so, and it did not look terribly difficult. No one was around, and a shiny set of keys dangled from a slot near the wheel. Looking about furtively, I gathered my skirts around me, got in the car, and turned the key. The engine exploded into life with a roar.

With more difficulty than I had anticipated, I managed to make the beast work, and drove about the area - mostly on the road, sometimes on the railroad tracks, and occasionally on the grass. Sorry about the tire marks!

The paddlewheeler below seemed like an inviting spot to enjoy a cool drink on the deck as warm summer breezes wafted, but I kept moving.

The train station signaled the arrival of another small town.

Horseless carriage or not, I had the occasional reminder of home. This building would not have been out of place in Caledon:

I finally reached a spot called HealthVillage, and there my inexperience behind the wheel caught up to me. My first effort at Grand Theft Auto and a joyride ended most predictably: I lost control of the vehicle, the tires spun a little in the wet grass, I turned the wheel too hard, and ended up nose down, in a ditch.

I left the carriage in an undignified manner and assessed the damage. I was unhurt, but the vehicle was quite the worse for the wear. If it were a horse, I would feel compelled to put it out of its misery. After making sure no one heard the wreck and had come out to investigate, I snuck off, whispering "Sorry!" at the metal beast.

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