Saturday, May 28, 2011

Port Caledon Remodeling

Although I was in Port Caledon for the Airship Rally, my eyes were focused on the sky, not the ground.

This time around, I noticed several significant changes. Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan has downsized and relocated his Warehouse 13 (below, left). In its place stands the imposing structure on the right, owned by Jaeger Mavromichali Szondi.

The row of shops that had stood next to the cathedral since my arrival in Caledon is gone, replaced by Miss Popstar's Masquerade Masque Shop and Ballet Shop (not show, but to the left of the picture below), and by Mr. Xerxes Jigsaw's home, pictured below (with Emphatic Eccentricia shown behind it).

And every time I come, M. Ember's airship showroom seems to have expanded!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Port Caledon! How I miss it sometimes. Your travelogue is such a great read, Miss J. I try to visit everyplace you mention. I was especially stricken with the Port of Kasra. Nice place, good people. As I am a real life Florida native, the fact that it represents a steampunk Florida intrigued me.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you for reading and for the kind words, sir. One of the things I enjoy about Caledon is that many of her areas have maintained a distinct theme - Port Caledon, Penzance, Tanglewood,..

Port of Kasra has a unique cut on a Steampunk theme, and it's always nice to see people thinking outside the usual tropes of the genre. (As an aside, the typist was sweating it out in the lovely but sultry state of Florida over the past week, wandering up to Sarasota and St. Armand's Circle one day.)

Miss D Ember said...

No more increases in size!

The workshop is plenty big now and I have lots of display room.

Always great to see your pictures of Port.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Never say never, Miss Ember!