Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anna's Many Murders

Artist Bryn Oh's new exhibit, Anna's Many Murders, is a delightfully macabre romp about a girl who, upset with the increasing isolation of those around her, snaps and embarks on a murderous spree.

The exhibit starts in an anteroom where Miss Oh provides instructions for a custom Windlight setting that sets the dark, foreboding mood for the remainder of the exhibit.

In the first room, we are introduced to Anna, a "quiet girl" who "appeared to be quite meek," though "inside she harboured a darker streak."

Following paths and doorways, one encounters other brief poems, often describing how Anna dispatches a victim. (Several places have links to brief machinima by Miss Oh.)

The story is like something taken from a Nick Cave song, in which the gleefully wicked Anna finds different ways of killing those around her. The exhibit starts in the cloud layer, at 200 meters, and largely descends - sometimes quite abruptly.

I advise the visitor to tread carefully: the sim is damage-enabled, no-fly, and the occasional narrow pathways and long drops could lead one to be an inadvertent victim of young Anna. (I may be in a blooper reel somewhere, as I missed a target three times by overthinking it, resulting in a swift death each time.)

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