Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Leviathan of the Vernian Deep

I had docked in Port Babbage for some minor repairs to my airship. Once those repairs were complete, I thought it best to try some low-stress flying to ensure the repairs were satisfactory and the craft was able to withstand the voyage back to Caledon.

The Vernian Sea looked like an inviting spot, the night breeze enough to gently rock the airship but nothing to worry about. I love flying at night, particularly over open water. The ship felt faster in the blackness, and I could be lost in my thoughts.

In the distance, a large swathe of purple in the Vernian Deep caught my eye. I had read of the sudden outbreak of purple in the city, which made me curious. I pushed the throttle forward and felt the throb of the engines increase, closing the distance to the object in little time. It turned out to be a giant airship moored on a floating dock. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to investigate further.

The platform was ringed with searchlights and high-powered weapons.

The dock held secure the rudder of the airship. I craned my neck to see the leviathan, but most of the airbag and all of the cockpit was lost in the fog.

I adjusted the controls and released some of the gas in the airbags of my own craft and watched the leviathan grow ever larger as I ascended toward it. The decks were the size of an ironclad warship - and seemed nearly as heavily-armed.

Who could be building this weapon of destruction? For weapon it surely was; the ship was too impractical as a peacekeeping tool. I shuddered to think what would happen if its cannon were unleashed on an unsuspecting population. Fortunately, the vessel was still under construction.

As I reached the flag flying proudly atop the ship, my heart sank as I recognized the all-too-familiar logo of Doctor Obolensky and his motto: "Ego sum melior quam vos" - I am better than you.
What can he be up to?

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