Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mad Scientists, Bad Brains, and Gravediggers

This past weekend was the Fourth Annual Mad Scientists' Convention in Steam Sky City. The assemblage of scientists and engineers (mad or otherwise), Misunderstood Geniuses, Villains, and hangers-on (Yours Truly) was impressive.

Below, some of the participants gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Volare's welcoming event.

As an added bonus, the same weekend saw the annual Steam Sky City spring hunt. The goal was to find the seventeen brains scattered about the city:

As is traditional, the Volares had thoughtfully prepared clues to the locations of the brains. As is also traditional, these clues were not precise roadmaps to the destinations. To quote the brochure:
These clues are sold for amusement only and are not intended to actually direct you to brains, provide advice for life, nor instruct in self-trepination techniques.
Indeed so.*

I managed a respectful 10 out of 17 brains.

I missed the Manifesto Rant this year, sadly. The event attracted quite a number of wannabe overlords, including Miss Stereo Nacht, The Master, Miss Darlingmonster Ember, Miss Nyree Rain, Miss Magdalena Kamanev, Miss Kimika Ying, Miss Glorf Bulmer, and Miss Jed Dagger. (Where are the men? Have they no ambitions?) The Master won the contest, while Miss Ember received the "Who's Laughing Now?" award.

Mrs. Volare had the best approach, though, noting that bragging before the fact seemed fraught with the danger of failure (one becomes a laughing stock to one's prospective subjects) and, indeed, might precipitate failure, should a do-gooder take the opportunity to Save the Day. Surely the optimal approach is to implement the plan and let the subjugated populace wake up to their new overlord. Fair point.

I thought I would take the opportunity the following day to have a good rant of my own:

What's this? She looks awfully familiar. In fact...wait a minute...My speech didn't go over well?

In addition, the weekend had a gravedigging event: participants needed to locate and dig up body parts, then assemble a creature, giving it life and, one presumes, letting it run amok until the villagers locate their torches and pitchforks. My effort:

I thoughtfully placed it just at the entrance to my home in Caledon Downs, there to greet unannounced visitors.

*This is a little unfair. The Unhelpful Hints often do provide some guidance where to look, particularly to the hunter who knows a little something about Steam Sky City. It is certainly true, however, that the clues are more enlightening after the fact than before.

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