Saturday, July 26, 2008

Caledon Welcome Center, I Mean, Centre

The new Caledon Welcome Centre (you will forgive me, I hope, Dear Reader, if my fingers occasionally slip and spell the noun as we tend to do in the Colonies) is located just off the Caledon telehub, and provides a wealth of information to the visitor or newcomer to the nation.

Inside, one will find comfortable chairs for reading the volumes of information provided, as well as a fireplace to take the chill off the air in the cold, ah, July night. My sister, Kathy, can be seen lounging in front of the fireplace – naturally, not reading, as her talents are perhaps less cerebral and more, ah, physical.

Along the walls are a variety of interactive posters: just click on the poster and receive information, a menu of choices, or a link to information on the aetherweb. Posters provide links to pundits and commentators (sadly, not that of Your Humble Scribe, at least not directly (the final menu entry provides a link to a more comprehensive set of aetheric journals) – I will clearly have to do a better job of marketing my journal), news sources, books, information about Caledon itself (“gossip,” Sir JJ? Surely not!), the use of titles, and the Caledon covenant. Upstairs, still more posters provide information on Caledonian groups.

The Centre provides a most welcome (ha-ha) service in collecting information about Caledon in a lovely building convenient to where a newcomer might arrive. For the veteran Caledonian, the Centre is an inviting location to rest one’s weary bones. Just tell Kathy to move aside and make some room in front of the fire. She won’t mind.

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