Saturday, July 12, 2008

Common Language

I find it interesting that, despite the differences in where various of Caledon's typists are from, so many seem to have a common reference language of novels, television, and films. (I realize there is a huge selection issue here, as Caledon has 800 or so citizens and perhaps two dozen are regular users (or, in my case, abusers) of the group chat channel. Perhaps it's not surprising that Caledonians enjoy the Victorian era, and/or enjoy polite discourse, dressing up, and aesthetically pleasing architecture. What I found more surprising was a love of science fiction (Dr. Who, Star Trek, Robert A. Heinlein), supernatural fiction (Buffy the Vampire Slayer in addition to Dracula), literary jokes, and bad puns. Who knew?

The common language makes for a useful bond among people who, by convention, really cannot discuss what they did all day. For those who are not willing to engage in fully-immersive role-playing, this bond is a helpful reminder of common interests. Beyond attending formal balls, of course.

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