Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Happy Saturday, Watching (Not Washing) Clothes

Saturday found me at SLIllustrated, where Miss Jacquelin Seisenbacher (Kleineschwein Designs) and Mr. Nix Sands (Xcentricity) showed some of their lovely new pieces of clothing. Miss Seisenbacher specializes in period gowns, while Mr. Sands specializes in patterened waistcoats.

Shockingly, there was a suggestion that daring ladies could wear the waistcoat with trousers! I will admit that the female model in the trousers had a most pleasing derrier, but I had to look away quickly, as I found myself becoming quite faint.

Bravo (and brava) to both designers! It was fun to see - and hear, in some cases - so many friends and acquaintences from Caledon and allied lands. And a wave to Mr. Janus Fotherington, whose Aethernet Journal I have enjoyed reading, who was at the show with his lovely mistress, Miss Rachel Aldrich.

Sadly, on Sunday, your humble correspondent returned to washing clothes.


Janus said...

Lady Rachel is most keen on Mr Sands's waistcoat and trouser selection, especially after the fairly recent debacle of the 'disappearing skirts' that beset Caledon and the mainland. Although Milady seems free from this affliction with her style of clothes, I have to admit to missing my tails on my jacket and the extra length on my overcoat upon occasion.

Rhianon Jameson said...

One had to wonder what sort of evil wizardry was behind the "disappearing skirts" phenomenon. Surely a plot designed to achieve world domination, though how this would be achieved - economic collapse as women were forced to stay home and forego shopping? - was not clear.

Thank goodness the plot ultimately failed, though I confess that some of the magic appears to linger, as I occasionally have difficulty making a blouse visible.