Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot Time, Summer in the City

When the temperature outside my typist's home climbs into the mid-90s, I am grateful to be living in the temperate climate of Caledon, where the climate is lovely nearly year-round. (My typist, meanwhile, is grateful for central air conditioning. I realize this is hardly consistent with an appreciation of Things Victorian, but think of us as existing in a somewhat parallel universe - not Steampunk, exactly, but perhaps Comfortpunk: a universe in which Freon had been discovered in the Victorian era, giving us the blessings of air conditioning. I'm still working on the "punk" part of the equation. Perhaps an edgy, in-your-face styling of condensor units and fans?) I am spared the glow that ladies acquire in more tropical climes, as well as the unpleasantness that comes from continually fanning one's self.

My concession to the scorching temperatures outside my typist's window is to spend more time in sundresses and other attire that, ahem, bare a little more of me than is strictly Historically Accurate. To which I stick out my tongue and give a big raspberry to Historical Accuracy. Everyone feels better this way.

Another concession is to partake in the delightful Southern (U.S.) adult thirst-quencher, the Mint Julep. Mint, simple syrup, bourbon or Tennessee sippin' whiskey, and plenty of ice. True, I become even less productive than usual, but it hits the spot!

As it turns out, I am not the only one who feels the need for the perception of cooler weather. As Janus reports (, having a little snow on the ground in July can be quite refreshing.

Having a lot of snow on the ground in January, on the other hand, is merely annoying.

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