Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Relay for Life 2008

This year’s Relay for Life activities have come to a close, with another impressive showing throughout the grid, and in Caledon. According to the RFLSL web site today, Team Caledon raised L$3,057,535, which was good for second place among the teams (and utterly remarkable for such a small group).

My contributions were exceedingly modest – various donations at RFL activities and, of course, RFL-related shopping expeditions. I thought the level of effort and commitment put in by many people was nothing short of amazing, starting with Caledon Team Captain Erasmus Margulis. (Ras, there have to be easier ways to earn a knighthood. For instance, you could have washed the Guv’s carriage a few times, or something. I guess this means it was a labor of love.)

The builds for the relay course were nicely done, particularly for something that would last only a few days. Below are some photos of Caledon’s build, including some of the celebration afterward. (Motto: where there is Caledon, there also a party can be found.)

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