Monday, July 21, 2008

Steam Forge

Steam Forge (FairChang Lost Isle (24, 206, 31)) is a steampunk-themed sim with shops galore. See the large, friendly robot waiting to greet you at the landing spot?

Steam Forge is paired with a more punk-themed area called Creeve Town, though the two seem physically and thematically connected.

It's a beautiful build, though the stores are more on the "punk" side than the "steam" side. (A branch of Kheph's Creations is a notable exception.) It includes some dark alleyways where a respectable woman probably should not travel. Of course, I did anyway.

I even found a little something for my wardrobe.

One of the downsides is that the sim contains a camping area, which slows down an already laggy build. I don't really get the camping thing. For the campers, it says the opportunity cost of their time is pretty darned low. For the sim owner, even though the cost of artificially building traffic is low, the benefit has to be low as well. Am I really going to visit your sim because you're number 247,632 in traffic? I would think "low lag" would be a better marketing slogan than "filled up with people doing nothing," but what do I know?

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