Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying on the Ground is Wrong

Periodically, I think an airplane would be just the ticket. I like exploring new lands, and have no fear of heights. (Note to self: if I have plenty of space to fill one day, discuss all fears I do have.) I see majestic airships floating through the sky, or moored high above Caledon, and think there must be nothing to it.

As it turned out, I was wrong again. The distinction between airship and airplane was lost on me. While walking through New Babbage, I chanced upon a plane that permitted a test flight of the vehicle possible, although I was warned that the vehicle would self-destruct in ten minutes. I boarded and soon took to flight. How glorious! Soon, however, steering became an issue, as I was increasingly constrained by the narrow alleyways of New Babbage. In the end, I crashed – though I was fortunate to have walked away without bodily harm. Ah well, it was not meant to be.

Now, where was that dirigible I saw…?

(With apologies to Buffalo Springfield for the title.)

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