Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have You People Never Heard of Privacy?

Kathy here, as Rhianon is off doing good somewhere.

Today's theme is: some things are meant to be done in private. Take, for example, the humble telephone booth. It can be utilitarian (the "Superman's changing room" style of U.S. phone booth) or aesthetically pleasing (the red British style). Either way, it serves a purpose: keeping your telephonic conversations private. You may be discussing something banal, or you may be discussing something risque, or, heck, you may even be discussing something illegal. P-R-I-V-A-T-E. Good concept. You don't want me to hear it, and I certainly don't want to hear it.

I have heard of a portable telephone device in which individuals can place calls over the aether. No doubt this is convenient. However, in its convenience, this device has rendered telephone booths obsolete. Now people will have conversations of the most appallingly personal matters wherever they happen to be, without concern for who might be forced to listen to these intimacies. For the love of God, spare us the details about your love life, or how you plan on beating your children black and blue. (I sincerely hope that last was hyperbole, but I did hear half of the conversation.)

What does this have to do with the Mainland, you might ask? Good question. When consenting adults get together, it is not for others to decide what they might do. But do they have to do it openly? In front of God and everyone, as they say? In my Mainland travels, I have occasionally encountered people in flagrante in places that a genteel person - not me, mind you, but I've heard they exist - might stumble across. Can we keep it private, kids? That's all I ask.
For example, here is a display from a build called "Poly's Playground & Shop." Poly's is "ABDL and diaper friendly." I won't pretend to know what ABDL is, but I'm pretty sure I know what a diaper is. The photo below shows one of the products, which is apparently a soiled diaper. Ewww! But, again, I don't judge. Just...can you take it somewhere less public?

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