Thursday, July 3, 2008

Merry Young Widows

Tonight the Merry Young Widows of Caledon are holding another wake, burying another poor soul whose time came too soon. At the rate the ladies are going through the gentlemen, soon Caledon will be a single-sex land. (I can see some upsides to this, but it seems like an extreme solution.) Or at least one bereft of young, virile men.

I like cake and tea, so I have thought about joining. Not having a husband, much less a deceased husband, seemed like an impediment. The ladies kindly assured me that this was not a problem, and they could likely round up a suitable, guest of honor. On the other hand, I am a kindly soul, and I would feel just a teensy bit uneasy about the whole process.

My advice to the men of Caledon: be careful when an attractive young woman offers you cookies, or cake, or tea, or punch, or... Perhaps a taste-tester would be an appropriate hire.

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