Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Land

I had sworn to myself that once I was able to buy* a small plot of land in Caledon Downs, that I would be satisfied with just that little corner of our nation that I own**.

This was not to be. I soon bumped up against prim limits, and yet there were things I just had to add to the house. And I had hardly done any landscaping! One day, I decided that a foolish promise to one's self is still foolish, and kept my eyes open for additional acreage in the Downs. The other day, thanks to good timing and the good graces of TheDove Rhode, I purchased*** a slightly larger property. I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do with it, but, believe me, it was necessary. For the moment, it's the Jameson home for incorrigible gossips and flirts.

Of course, I swore to myself that would be it. That's enough land for me!

* "Buy" defined somewhat irregularly, as in "purchase the rental rights to, subject to various caveats."
** Similarly, "own" might be defined as "possess the rental rights to, subject to etc."
*** Yes, exactly. Subject to, etc.

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