Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Victoriana by Airship

I realized I had never seen Victoriana, a collection of, well, Victorian-themed sims. The time was long past to do so. I fueled the Hangover One and set forth.

The enormous hedge maze is a prominent feature.

The Victorian Queen inn provides comfortable seaside rooms.

The main streets were pretty but deserted.

I landed the airship in order to walk about the town. In doing so, I chatted with one of the lady residents, a recent arrival to Victoriana, who said that the town was usually more populous.

The beach contains cabanas for changing into a swimming suit, and plenty of sand to take in the sun. In the background, one can see the Ferris Wheel, part of the seaside amusement park.

In all, a pleasant visit. Victoriana shows the clean side of the age - something of the opposite of New Babbage, which emphasizes the grittier aspects of the Industrial Age. (They carefully keep the sweatshops, orphanages, sewage in the streets, and rampant crime well-hidden in both places, however. If I were offering an idea for a new Caledon sim, it would be the Bad Part of Town: Decent Ladies would not walk there, and any gentlemen who dared enter would run the risk of being mugged. Still, that would be where the brothels were located, which would ensure a steady stream of visitors.) Speaking of brothels, Victoriana, for all its prettiness, does have a house of ill repute. For what should be obvious reasons, I chose not to enter, hoping to preserve what little remains of my good name.

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