Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Psaltery-Whybrow Reception

After the reception, the happy couple and their guests moved down the street to the Psaltery-Whybrow estate - now converted into a reception pavilion. The archway of flowers welcomed the guests, as did the ample table covered with food and drink.

I enjoy a glass of champagne, while, in the background, Miss Lowey and Baron Wulfenbach stand soberly.

The Whybrows enjoy their first dance as a married couple.

Their Graces Middlesea (foreground), Mr. Viking and Miss Darwinian, and Mr. and Mr. Miles-Despres dance.

Mr. Nix Sands arrives.

I had the pleasure of a dance with the charming groom.

Mrs. Whybrow and Mr. Sands dance while Mr. Whybrow escorts Miss Widdershins across the lawn.
A happy moment in Caledon indeed!

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