Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Ladies of Cookery Exhibit

New at the Whitehorn Library in Victoria City is an exhibit entitled "The Great Ladies of Cookery." This exhibit, curated by Miss Eleanor Anderton and Miss EppieBlack Wheatcliffee, and Mr. JJ Drinkwater, is at the library through October.

From the exhibit's description:
This exhibit on female cookbook authors in Britain and America, sponsored by Caledon Cuisine, takes the viewer from the kitchens of the mid-Eighteenth to those of the early Twentieth century.

During this period, publishing of any sort by women, cookbooks included, was relatively rare. While the "glamour cookbooks" of the day, detailing the dishes served at the tables of the aristocracy, were written by men, there is a distinct chronology of vastly popular cookbooks written by women, for the women who, as housewives or hired cooks, were in charge of the majority of kitchens in both town and country.

Mr. Drinkwater (left), Mr. Roy Smashcan (center, walking).

Miss Anderton (left) and Miss Wheatcliffe (right).

The wall hangings, as usual, provide notecards that direct the reader to further information or, often, Aetherweb sites of the cookbooks themselves, or information about the authors. Titles include Hannah Glasse, The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy; Susannah Carter, The Frugal Housewife; Lydia Child, The Frugal Housewife, Dedicated to Those Who are not Ashamed of Economy; Fannie Merritt Farmer, Boston Cooking School Cookbook; and many others.

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