Sunday, August 23, 2009

Loch Avie Aeronautics

The radio crackled with reports of runaway cranes, large enough to crush a person should one fall. Then again, the radio was set to the ISC chat frequency, so I took everything I heard with a large grain of salt.

Still, the speaker purported to be none other than Miss Ilsa Munro, Duchess Loch Avie herself, sounding the alarm about the truant creature.

My curiosity piqued, I aimed the Hangover One in the direction of Loch Avie to endeavor to see for myself.

Upon reaching that once-green oasis, I was astounded at the changes that had been wrought. Gone was the ancient manor house, many of the trees, and even the gentle hills themselves. In their place was a paradigm of production efficiency: layer upon layer of iron girders, supporting Miss Munro's entire air force of flying vehicles.

One of the killer cranes - this one still on the job, apparently - can be seen in the daguerrotype below, at center.

Quite a production, I must say! Miss Munro assures us, however, that the public is in no danger, though she hastens to add that this may depend somewhat on how one defines various terms, such as "no" and "danger."

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