Monday, August 17, 2009

Prim Litter

In some sense, this entry is just me sticking my nose where it doesn't rightly belong. On the other hand, we're a community, and we have an interest in the general well-being of the community. Yes, I'm talking about inconsiderate sorts who think that anyplace with Build permissions is a sandbox. Today's location: the Duchy of Westmoreland. First up, a horrid - well, thing - by one Mr. Dexter Wylder.

Mr. Wylder has been in-world about half a year, so he is no stumbled-out-of-Oxbridge noob. And yet he leaves his litter - and very large litter it is - out in the open.

Our next contestant's behavior is not quite as bad, but my goodness! his attire. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr. Glenn Horsley. He's wearing sunglasses. I presume that's to dampen the glare from his bling-filled chain that says "LA" on it. Trust me, Mr. Horsley, I've been to LA, and never encountered anything resembling that outfit. Thank goodness.

Mr. Horsley also thinks that Westmoreland is his private sandbox. His vehicle is no more in theme than his outfit. Bad Mr. Horsley!
Having completed his vehicle, he at least had the good graces to take it with him. Sadly for me, he decided that sports cars could fly, and he parked it in my airship. We had a brief conversation before he departed, though my courage left me and the conversation did not include an etiquette discussion.
Perhaps Oxbridge needs an addition to the curriculum?


Desmond Shang said...

Indeed, I think it's time to gently get the word out again about the virtues of autoreturn.

I'm glad that people look over such things, and care about the state of the land. Next time I'm in (a few hours I think) I shall do a tour of Westmoreland and a couple other quieter locales to see how things are going.

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh My Word! Miss trying! i recoil from even glancing on that man...he has spent so much of his lucre on the horrid LA bling he neglected to buy....SHOES! [shakes her head sadly]...but i agree with the return is a good thing!
~Capt. Red

Rhianon Jameson said...

I agree, Guv, autoreturn is a great idea - I'd do it myself, but it would be more pain that it's worth to set the land to group ownership so the whole extended Jameson clan could continue to rez things permanently, and I have little trouble in my secluded glen - but it always makes me happy when the return is set for 60 or 120 minutes, rather than some short time. That way, one can land an airship, explore, and take off again without worrying about having said airship disappear in the meanwhile, necessitating hitchhiking a ride home.

An excellent eye, Red - I neglected to mention the lack of shoes on the blingy gentleman, though that seemed the least of his problems. (C'mon, the car flies? I'm willing to engage in a certain amount of suspension of disbelief - I was in an airship modeled after the African Queen, after all - but there are limits!)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I *have* seen that outfit on the streets in L.A. -- but you have to go into Hollywood to find it, thank goodness! Thankfully, I *do* have auto-return set on the Nature Preserve where he's at. So, this young man's strange automobile should be winging it's way back to his inventory before I have a chance to return to Westmoreland this evening and deal with the items on the residential part of the island.

I've been holding off on using auto-return there as well, but will have to reconsider the idea or finally succumb to creating a group for permissions across the entire duchy, I fear.