Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Visit to Clockhaven

The next stop on my Babbage tour took me to the newest section, Clockhaven. Or, rather, the oldest section, as this is the "old town" of Babbage. Below, an overview of that town.

Strange mechanical creatures roam the water...
...and land.

I ventured into Fullarton House, home of the Institute of Aetherical Studies. (It is now home of Mornington Photography and Film. Old Town or no, things change quickly.)

"A time machine? Hmm, what does this button do?"

The Clockhaven Tinkers building:

Below, the power plant, Aetheric Power & Engineering, Ltd., run by Miss Avariel Falcon.

A more recent addition has been the aquarium, with some, er, interesting specimens.
I've highlighted some of the larger buildings, but the smaller ones - tightly-packed houses on narrow streets - help to foster the impression of an older section of Babbage.

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