Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Visit to Dundee

It is always an adventure to explore the North, though on occasion others end up inadvertently sharing the adventure. For example, I went to explore Dundee and, sadly, landed in Miss Chloris Arrowmint's corn garden. Sorry, ma'am; I'm sure the corn will grow just as well underground. (And many thanks for the airship wash!)

The Arrowmint House, illuminated at night.

The shop of Mr. Cheewha Palen, named Albatross, selling pirate ships and gear. Pirate ships? In Caledon? Well, it's not my business what other people choose to make their business.

Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather's tree house.

The residence of M. Juniper Easterwood.

Miss Eleanor Ocheis's cottage and gardens.

Dundee is a very pretty area, well-kept by its residents, and very quiet. I could imagine living here, but something tells me I have overstayed my welcome with that landing, and so onward...

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