Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Psaltery-Whybrow Wedding

On Saturday, Miss Garnet Psaltery married Mr. Alastair Whybrow in an elegant ceremony at St. Hilda' s church in SouthEnd. Organist Miss Lorelei Saintlouis provided lovely music before the service, which was performed by Deacon Miss Anna Darwinian.

Mr. Blunt Fhang on a pony at the side entrance to St. Hilda's.

St. Hilda's church as Miss Annachen Lowey arrives.

The bride, lovely in white, awaits her cue.

The tinies section. Front row: Miss Sheryl Skytower, Miss Hibrida Easterling; back row: Miss Audrey Fotherington, M. Tzaizqun Belgar.

Front row: Mr. Roberto Viking. Middle: Miss Saffia Widdershins. Back: Miss Bamika Easterman, Mr. Jameson Miles-Despres, Mr. Jeyleden Miles-Despres.

Front: Miss Rhianon Jameson. Middle: Miss Magdalena Kamenev. Back: Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Miss Annachen Lowey.

Miss Psaltery makes her entrance.

Mr. Whybrow greets his bride-to-be near the altar, as Miss Anna Darwinian waits to start the service.

Miss Darwinian leads the service.

The Duke and Duchess of Middlesea, Mr. Wrath Constantine and Miss Aevalle Galacia, join me.

Miss Psaltery and Mr. Whybrow exchange glances.

Kneeling at the altar, the couple exchange vows.

I enjoyed the slight alterations to the traditional vows: "in sickness and in lag and in health," and "keeping unto no others as long as we both shall rez."
"You may kiss the bride."

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Whybrow!"

The couple embrace.

The Whybrows pose with Miss Darwinian and Mr. Fhang.

And then - on to the reception! Because of the picture-heavy nature of this event, I have broken it into two entries. The second will follow shortly.

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