Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Visit the Pub

More precisely, I visit Capt. Red's Revenge Pub in Babbage's Wheatstone Waterways, owned and operated by the redoubtable Miss Cap'n. Red Llewellyn.

One's first impression is that the pub, build on the ruins of a factory that recently met its demise, is warm and welcom...wait a moment, is that an enormous eye staring at me? A little unnerving, that. All right, never mind, let's continue in.

The pub is warm and welcoming. I sat at the bar and sipped an absinthe.

The second floor (not pictured) provides ample dancing space, as well as additional tables and chair. Above that, however, is a widow's walk that provides a bird's eye view of the town.

If you happen to be in New Babbage anywhere in the vicinity of Wheatstone Waterways, be certain to drop into Red's Revenge and sip your favorite adult beverage. Perhaps next time I'm there, Mine Hostess will be there as well, and we can swap tall tales absolutely true stories.

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