Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pegasus Zeppelin

An airship ride always soothes a fevered mind and rejuvenates the tired body. All right, that's not strictly true: airship rides that end in disaster, such as crashing in a Gorean town, or having engine failure over the Miskatonic Valley, are not particularly joyful. As a general principle, however, one could do worse.

In need of some R&R, I headed to the CP Pegasus Zeppelin, a residential airship created by Mr. Bill Sterling of SS Galaxy fame.

The airship is fully automated. Here, in the control room, an automatronic young lady explains the ship's displays and controls to me.

Another automatron mans, er, persons, er, runs the bar. (Of course I stopped in the bar!)

Finally, a little nap on the spa level, a cool drink beside me. It's enough to let me forget my responsibilities for a while...

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