Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caledon Morgaine - Defenses

When I am away from home for a while, I try to have a neighbor keep an eye on the property...just in case, as they say.

When Miss Emilly Orr recently had a brief time away, her home in Morgaine was well protected...just in case. First, there was the Tyrannosaurus Rex - to be sure, a little one, but a fierce carnivore nonetheless - standing guard:

The Automated Death Ray provided additional deterrent to the unwanted visitor:

Finally, should both those fail, the determined pest would face the Death's Head:

Miss Orr doubtlessly slept well at night knowing any valuables on her property were safe.

My trip to Morgaine reminded me of an earlier (much earlier) journey to the Cavorite refinery. Despite the industrial nature of the property, it had a pleasant cave and grotto - though, naturally, being filled with Cavorite, it was high off the ground.

Below, the refining process at work:

I don't know what happened to the refinery, though my guess was that the enormous chains seen in the picture above finally rusted through and snapped, sending the entire structure skyward. Its absence can be felt in the sky-high (pardon the pun) Cavorite prices we have seen since then.

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