Monday, September 21, 2009

Land Baroness of Wellsian

For some time now, as I passed through Wellsian, I would see a variety of fantastic - in both senses of the word - structures. Upon checking the ownership of a property, more often than not the answer would be: Miss Aevalle Galicia, Duchess Middlesea. It dawned on me that Miss Galicia owns a sizable fraction of Wellsian - a land baroness under the ultimate Caledon land baron, Guvnah Shang.

Indeed, Miss Galicia's mystical, Celtic- and Steampunk-inspired builds constitute a swatch of Wellsian from the Morgaine border on the east, to the Firth on the north, at least halfway down the region to the west, and to the great mountain range to the south. Other than the railroad right-of-way splitting the parcels, these properties are contiguous.

Naturally, I took pictures.

Moving east to west along the Firth, from the Morgaine border, we first come across a tent labeled the Bivouac of the Beldame. "Caledon's own River Witch of the Firth has returned and encamped along the shores of Wellsian. Her home seems innocent enough, an herb garden and books full of information for anyone who cares to look around," reads the property description.

Next, and up a hill, lies Adocentyn Cemetery, a mist-shrouded place of gnarled trees and a candle-lit chapel.

I sit in the chapel, but no calm is to be found; the spirits here are uneasy.

The chapel abuts Adocentyn Tower. A sign notes that this is the headquarters of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Caledon - a mysterious-sounding group, to be sure - and is home of the H.P. Blavatsky branch of the Caledon Library, and home to the Library's Victorian Spiritualism Collection.

In addition to the library stacks, the tower contains a meditation pool and a more out-of-this-world experience:

The build continues high above the Tower itself:

The purpose of these buildings is not clear, though the radio tower (in the left rear of the photograph) suggests long-range communications.

The tour will continue in the next entry, tomorrow.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Caledon is under siege, and is unaware. Slowly, over time, librarians have been infiltrating our land, more libraries cropping up every day. And the Library Militant becomes more active all the time. Beware!
*removes tinfoil hat*
And the Duchess of Middlesea/Supreme Benevolent Baroness of Wellsian is a wonderful and amazing lady!
*peers around and surreptitiously reshelves a book8

Kathy Jameson said...

Well, it *is* the *Militant* Library. One has to expect a few troop advances. :)

In all seriousness, I did intend for "Baroness" to be a compliment. I hope no one takes it otherwise.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

What a lovely build... And fogwoman is right, Caledon does appear to be a land of bookworms. I suppose Babbage is a land of engineers. But what does that make Steelhead? :-D

Rhianon Jameson said...

Steelhead: the land of madness? :) Consider: Lunar, the mad builder (and I mean that in the nicest possible way); Mason Labs, home of mad science; Evil Tiny Kitty Labs, home of, well, evil tiny kitty; and various non-humans. Oh, and Hotspur. *grins*

Seriously, I think the Steamlands generally attract a great number of librarians, and I don't think that's a coincidence. Anyone familiar with and attracted to the 19th century and its technology, fashions, mores, and literature - along with more modern "19th century literature," such as Steampunk - is likely to be a more literary sort than your average SL user.

Or perhaps I'm just a snob. :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Nah, you about nailed it :)