Thursday, September 24, 2009

New in Oxbridge Village

I found myself in Oxbridge Village, visiting the Thistle Hill Market, when I realized that a number of the buildings were unfamiliar to me. Much had changed in the village since my last visit, and I thought I might catalogue some of the newcomers.

First Miss McGimsie has Poppet's Freebies, a division of Wunderbar Enterprises, in a thatched-roof treehouse. I don't want to think of the labor costs of getting the building up that tree. Perhaps she employed a large ape that was seen recently in Oxbridge.

Down the street is the Caledon Oxbridge Fencing center, in a utilitarian brick building. (For fencing, one should read "En Garde.")

In a delightful corner shop we have the Questi and Discovolante Mechanical Consortium, from Mr. Marian Questi and Miss Martini Discovolante. It was in that shop that I encountered the equally delightful Mr. Tryst Doune, a nattily-attired gentleman who accompanied me on the rest of my journey around the village square. (Mr. Doune, it turned out, had recently purchased property in the Downs, not too far from Chez Jameson, so we shall be neighbors.)

I believe Miss Discovolante is also the proprietress of the Dodo Redux pub. As everyone knows, shopping is hard work, and having a spot to refresh one's self is always a good thing. Guinness is Food.

Mr. Trilobyte Zanzibar, of BlakOpal, has this little structure. In it are housed several steampunk astrological devices of the sort recently featured in this Journal.

Although the village has tended not to be a residential area, Miss Debbie Ziplon has purchased a quaint house and established residence next to the BlakOpal lighthouse, with an excellent view of Steam Sky City out the back.

Time constraints did not permit me to browse through the latest (?) branch of Miss Fatima Ur's Antique Artistry, but it is housed in quite the stately mannor, just next to the seaplane port.

This sprawling structure is the estate of Mr. Petey Carver, and contains a variety of unidentified free goods, packed neatly in storage containers.

That's quite a bit of change for one small village!


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Phew! That *is* a lot of change for a small place! I don't think I've been to Caledon for a year or so now, you know :-/

P.S. What ape was this?

Kathy Jameson said...

People can be so fickle, can't they? Always moving about. :)

Do come back to Caledonm, sir. We don't bite. Though the catgirls might scratch a little.

As for the ape, well, one account may be found here: