Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Feel Positively Katat0nik

Some days I look around and wonder why the good Lord made all the bright, vibrant, and, yes, neon colors if all we're going to use are the muted shades.

On those days, I travel to somewhere a little more colorful, a little more odd, a little...otherworldly. In other words, some place such as Miss Katat0nik Pigeon's sim (called, naturally Katat0nik, and located next to Axis Mundi).

In addition to the general sense of whimsy (in the globe above, the little spaceship orbits the planets), one gets the impression that there are not too many unexplored colors.

If Atlas were a woman, and didn't have to hold up the world, but instead were tasked with holding aloft a stage...she still wouldn't look like the picture above.

A cat. On stilts. With a house on strings. No, I don't get it either, but it makes me smile.

At the end of a hard day, it's nice to relax on an inner tube. Right next to the pink striped octopus.

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