Sunday, September 27, 2009

Steampunk Songs: Hitchhiking at Night

[Less steam and more punk, perhaps. But this is my metaphor for overcoming writer's block. Keep the words flowing and something good might happen. Or at least that's what we hope. N.B. Here's a public service message: Don't actually go hitchhiking at night. - RJ]

In a recurring dream I have,
A dream that seems to very real,
Driving on freshly-paved asphalt
Safe in a cage of rolling steel
When suddenly the road ahead
Vanished, becoming grass and weeds.
No path to move ahead for me,
I can't envision where it leads.

If the journey is the destination
What happens when the journey ends?
I need to find a new road,
I need to know
What's coming
Around the next bend.

Tried to navigate a new path
But came upon a concrete wall
Stretching higher than I could see -
Was anything beyond at all?
Left the car beside the road and
Looked for a toehold or a crack.
Finding no way to climb I knew
The way ahead was to fall back.

If the journey is the destination
And believe me I know it is
I need my own star to follow:
A sun,
A flame
Of self-consciouisness.

I stood beside another road
In the deepest part of night,
Hearing the roar of a diesel,
Waiting for onrushing light,
Hoping that a friendly face
Would stop and offer a warm ride.
I'd summon courage to accept
And with a smile step inside.

We don't know the future
Or what tomorrow brings;
Decisions have consequences,
Some are right, some are wrong,
But everyone must keep moving
Moving, going on.
Sometimes you ride alone,
Sometimes with a friend along.
Sometimes you beg lifts from strangers
Always moving,
Moving, moving on.
Yes dangers lurk around every bend,
Risks are always with us
Sometimes all that's left is
Hitchhiking at night
Hitchhiking at night.

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