Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Land Baroness of Wellsian (cont.)

As noted in the previous post, Duchess Middlesea is a prolific builder and owner of a great swath of Wellsian. Moving west of Adocentyn Tower we find Creag na Fithiche, or Raven's Rock, a gothic mansion either not yet open or intended for private use.

Another view of the mansion:

Behind the mansion and the railroad tracks lies this lea. The land's bucolic appearance belies its true purpose, however, as it is the ground level for the (not-so-secret) Secret Headquarters of the Caledon Catgirl Brigade, as reported here.

Heading back toward Morgaine, we next encounter a parcel labeled "CCB Headquarters East." Aloft, the CCB structure continues. At ground level, however, we have a small dance floor and pictures of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess.

This parcel narrows and forms Morloch Cave, another area that seems to contain some mystical power, possibly understood by the ancient Celts, as the cross might suggest.

On the north side of Wellsian, facing Regency (to the west) and Brigadoon (to the east) is the sprawling complex of Inkwell Manor and Inkwell Gardens, both of which were featured in an earlier entry of this Journal. This Steampunk build (with Gothic features) ensures that Miss Galicia's vision extends across the breadth of Wellsian.

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