Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New to the Downs

New neighbors...Miss Lilliejay Mills has built a cozy retreat just next to Chez Jameson along the lake in Caledon Downs.

Meanwhile, the ballet school that had resided down the street, by the air field, for what seemed to be the briefest of moments, relocated elsewhere in Caledon. In its place arrived this place of worship, the Caledon Church of Calvary:

Inside, the church has a magnificent pipe organ next to the altar:

Please, Neighbor: as much as enjoy the sound of the pipe organ, Sunday morning may not be the best time to open the stops and let 'er rip. Some of us are still recovering from the night before.

[N.B.: No sooner had I typed and saved this entry, Mr. Ionach Tantalus announced that the property was for sale. One hopes this is not a commentary on the spiritual life of Downs residents though, sadly, I fear it might be. In addition, Miss 3ring Binder's Bad Kitty Clothing, just up the hill from Chez Jameson, has relocated to Eyre.]

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