Sunday, September 20, 2009

Explosion in Steelhead

As has been reported elsewhere, a terrible explosion rocked Steelhead, leveling the former Mason Labs and gravely injuring the man calling himself Jeremiah Mason. It remains to be seen whether "Jeremiah" will survive to tell his tale.

In addition to utterly destroying the lab, the explosion sent pieces of metal some distance. Thankfully, beyond the injuries described above, the only damage was to property. Miss Davies' dog park was affected, though the dogs seem to have recovered from the shock nicely.

One of the gateway statues will never be the same.

And a large bolt made it all the way to Dr. Alter's laboratory. Dr. Alter was reportedly Not Amused, though I did tell the good lady that the bolt gave her warehouse a certain rakish charm.

Though a sad day in Steelhead, the resilient residents will no doubt rebound quickly from this incident.


Dr Ryne Beck said...

I do hope the injured chap pulls through.

Rhianon Jameson said...

As do I, Dr. Beck. He seems to have quite the vivid imagination, and we need all those we can get. :)