Saturday, September 19, 2009

A House is Not a Home

I recall a discussion from long ago about the need to own land and have a house of one's own. I had no home of my own, but I desperately wanted one. I was tired of changing clothes on the fly, finding an unoccupied corner, and surreptitiously checking that no one had arrived to watch the strip show. I did not want to have to find a sandbox so I could open packages. Further, the idea of a home seemed like a good thing, providing a sense of permanence even though the landscape around me kept changing.

Those taking the other side of the argument noted the cost of the land and house, plus the tier payments, and the worries about having enough prims, all for - what, really? - for a place at which one spent little time. (Shopkeepers and builders not withstanding, of course. This was a question of what wanderers needed.)

I recalled that discussion today when, upon logging in, I found that Caledon Downs was, ah, down, and that I was forceably relocated to Korea, along with 39 new friends. (It can't be difficult to program in a routine that, if the target sim is down, checks for an adjacent sim and tries to log the user into that sim. If that sim is down, repeat. This will also prevent situations whereupon genteel Victorian ladies and gentlemen inadvertently find themselves in the land of Zindra.) I missed my home to an unreasonable degree at that moment.

All of which goes to show: people are not always rational.

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